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Posted: July 16, 2010 by NebsiNsaNe in PC
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Ember: an ore with the power to imbue anyone and anything with magic. Adventurers near and far come to the mining boom town of Torchlight hoping to get their hands on this magical substance, but they soon discover the corrupting influences Ember has had on past settlements and civilizations.Torchlight might look colorful and whimsy, maybe even a little cheap, but I assure you this title has every reminiscence of Diablo and its sequel. That’s probably due to Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer, co-designers of the Diablo series, lending their experiences to the title. And boy is it just as addictive! Players run around dungeons that are different with every new game and kill hordes of minions, trolls, and the undead for potions, scrolls, weapons, armor, and good ol’ fashioned gold.  Unlike the Diablo series, you get a traveling companion who lends a hand in the fights, lugs around the loot you collect, and is even willing to run into town to sell your junk while you continue deeper into the mountain.

There are three different character classes to choose from. From left to right, they are:

  • The Destroyer is your typical barbarian style warrior, skilled in melee combat and dual wield blades, although he also has the ability to channel the spirits of his ancestors to produce magical effects.
  • The Alchemist is your spell caster. Drawn to the magical power of Ember, he came to Torchlight to increase his magical ability. He can fire blasts of magic and electricity from his specialized focus glove as well as summon minions to do his bidding.
  • The Vanquisher is an elite city guard, sent to investigate the killing of Torchlight townsfolk. She is your ranger class character who is proficient with ranged weapons and is also skilled with traps.

Choosing your character depends on your playing style; tank, ranger, or magi. Each character ALSO has three skill trees per class to diversify your play-style. I’ve begun my descent under Torchlight as a Vanquisher with a pet Lynx and plan on trying all three classes, if not completing the game with all three instead of just the one.

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