Haven, New and Old

Posted: July 29, 2010 by NebsiNsaNe in PC, PS3, Xbox 360
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New Haven. Sounds like a nice sanctuary from the wildlife of Pandora, towering and glorious with all its splendors, right? Well, it’s not. Its really just a run down shanty town, hidden amongst mountains and deep valleys of trash! New Haven becomes your new base of operations for the duration of your vault hunting. Here we get to meet some new friends, some old friends, and some friends we hadn’t met until now.

Our travels from Fyrestone to New Haven haven’t been easy, thanks to Skaggs, Rakks, Bandit Patrols, and now these Scythid and Spiderants! Scythids aren’t necessarily troublesome, just a pesky nuisance. They are squishy enemies and a quick burst of SMG or a few pistol rounds will dispatch them quickly. Spiderants though, they ARE troublesome due to their extremely tough exoskeleton. The trick is to either have a corrosive weapon and to go for the soft spot: the abdomen. A few shots in the abdomen takes them down surprisingly fast, if you can manage to get around them. Snipers are particularly handy to have around when these burrowers pop up. Luckily Spiderants don’t pop up until areas past New Haven.

Exploring the town hidden in the junkyard, we finally get to meet the man behind the machines, Scooter! He is responsible for providing travelers with those lovely Outrunners at the Catch-A-Ride stations, and will provide a few missions for you to complete. Also, Marcus Kincaid, your bus driver and the maintainer of weapons and munitions vendors, is back and has set up shop in town. Dr Zed relocated as well, though he is pretty much scenery now. New faces include Helena Pierce, administrator of New Haven and Erik Franks, a slimy porn stashing, double crossing, back stabbing, no good resident who tried to send me to my death (I don’t like him much, can you tell?)

New Haven doesn’t seem like much, and it really isn’t, but there is a reason to that. Haven, or Old Haven as its now known is currently being occupied by the Crimson Lance, a private military force of the Atlas Corporation. From what I can gather, the Atlas Corporation really wants to maintain their leading edge in the alien arms race by securing the Vault, by any means necessary. It is speculated, as mentioned by Helena Pierce, that a group of bandits was hired by the Atlas Corp. to over run the city of New Haven and drive its inhabitants out, but something went wrong, or the bandits were no longer needed, and the Crimson Lance came in and cleared the place out. With no regard to law and order, the military group was great force to be feared, so the inhabitants had to create New Haven. I have to say though, Old Haven has to be my absolute favorite area to play in! Close quarters, rooftops, alleyways, a lot of cover, and tons of Crimson Lance goons! There are two vendors in the area and you will have their location memorized; its a great area to farm! Just make sure you’re packing and loaded with ammo.

As we move deeper into the Salt Flats of Pandora in search of the key to the Vault, our presence can no longer be ignored by the Atlas Corporation, or from the mysterious protectors of the vault. Hang in there folks, we’re almost to the end of our journey!

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