Torchlight & Why it’s Never Over

Posted: August 11, 2010 by CeleOOKIE in PC
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With the latest announcement outlining the coming sequel to Torchlight and the promise of a MMORPG in the works, it seems here at The Replay Project we really need to step up to the plate and actually finish the first game. So in my time-off from running a household (HA!), I’ve been jumping into Torchlight when I have a few moments. Then I realize it’s well past midnight and I’ve lost all track of time while I was dungeon roaming and questing ‘under’ the town of Torchlight. The fact is, this game is addictive. If you’ve got a wife, cousin, brother-in-law whatever, that’s hooked on Farmville (et al) you’ll want to keep them very far away from this game. Or maybe flash has been as far as they’ve gone into the realms of gaming. Then you’ll really want to introduce them to their new best friend.

I know the allure of just popping in for 10-15 minutes a day to harvest your crops and with the ‘cloud’ saving abilities of this game while using Steam you can jump to either your computer in the living room or the laptop in the bedroom to play this. Heck, it even has a “Netbook Mode” option which alludes to the fact that this game can run on a netbook. Not necessarily well, but it can run on several models. Which could be worth the cost of the game, giving you the ability to use your netbook for more than just checking email and watching Youtube.

Back to the topic at hand. It’s the game that has just about everything you could want from it, aside from a multiplayer or even LAN-wide game. It’s single-player, pure and simple, but the promise of LAN gaming enabled on Torchlight 2, I’m definitely going to purchase it. Once the game goes on sale on Steam though, I’m a bargain-bin diver same as NebsiNsaNe and thus that’s why I’ve only had Torchlight for a couple months. So far, I’ve been told I’m about halfway through the game and I’m looking forward to more levels of shooting monsters with my fantastic pistols. I’d rolled a Vanquisher and I’m really enjoying it. During the time when Torchlight first came out, I had played an Alchemist during the trial and also really enjoyed it, but I felt that the Vanquisher class was more suited towards my current playstyle. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Torchlight and am really looking forward to moving down down to Goblin-town. Smile with tongue out

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