Weekend Rant: Kids on the net with e-bawlz

Posted: August 2, 2010 by ICptJackSparrow in Rant

Okay, had a rather uneventful weekend, had parties and play-dates for the the kids, normal parent stuff, watched a movie with them last night “Igor” which by the way is not a great movie, I suppose it’s “cute-ish” but even the kids were pretty bored by it, though it had a great cast.

But I digress.. on to the actual rant part of my weekend rant:

I did have some time to get some gaming in on my beloved Shadowrun, and am continually, umm what’s the best word to use here? amazed, no, intrigued, no, awed, no, stunned, no, really frelling stunned, no.. Hmm, flabbergasted, that works, yes flabbergasted is the word. I am continually flabbergasted by the size of the e-bawlz that these 10-16 year old kids have!

What is/are e-bawlz (or sometimes referred to as e-bawls or even e-balls)?  Quite simply it is the ability for testosterone in a child to peak at inexplicable levels, thus providing them the over-inflated ego and ability to make fun of people who are bigger, stronger and smarter than they are; not just lightly either, these kids can get mean.

Sure they are behind a monitor and pretty much know that whoever they are messing with will have little recourse other than to lose their temper, and that just makes the kids laugh because they got two “burns” for the price of one.

  • First the satisfaction that they can make fun of someone bigger than them without repercussion
  • Second they got a rise out of that person, in the kids eyes an epic win.

I disagree, this epic win in my humble opinion is more an epic fail than anything.  But not necessarily on the kids part, but more on the parents part.  Any parent that let’s a kid get away with this type of behavior is not doing their job as a parent, and let’s face it, these kids that do this do it regularly.

Believe me, I understand more than many, parents these days rely on two incomes or more to get by, and as such less time is spent “policing” ones child/children due to sheer exhaustion.  This does not excuse the need for simple lessons in respect.  My kids would never talk to someone face to face or keyboard to face like this.  And if they were to, I’d feel as though I’ve failed as a parent. If I ever caught either of my kids disrespecting anybody, even a faceless name online, they will pay the price, be it having their computer privileges taken from them or worse, depending on their transgression.

This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest problems with the children today.  Especially here in the “good ‘ole U. S. of A.”  The attitudes, as in bad attitudes, and the lack of common respect for others, all of which is precipitated, amplified and propagated by their free reign on the internet. This has led to what we see today among many of this nations youth, disrespect aplenty.  And I will not even get started on the stupid things many of these kids do and post themselves doing on various tube sites or even live web-cam sites.  It is not only atrocious behavior, but dangerous as well.

And while on the subject, why, oh why, do all of these kids think they can sing?  Worse, what makes them think they can rap?  Even worse yet, what makes them think ANYBODY even wants to hear them sing?  Seriously, I know I tell my kids sometimes they’re good at something that they aren’t’ just because they’re my kids, but I also tend to make them realize where their strengths are, or aren’t, why, because I don’t want my children to make fools of themselves, sure I want them to try, of course I want them to try.  I just don’t want them to broadcast themselves and turn into these talentless kids who think they can do anything just because they are not visible to their audience, or they simply think they will not be able to be held accountable for their actions.
Again, it’s the e-bawlz syndrome.

Sure much of this stuff is mostly harmless to any of their audience, save those who take it too personally, but the fact that these kids are continually allowed to get away with it only is a detriment to their overall societal development; not to mention they make a bad name for all kids who go online and interact with a community (gaming as an example), for I’ve seen many who are very respectful and well spoken, kudos to their parents.

I just wish under certain circumstances there were less privacy on the internet, because I think much of the disrespect these kids (don’t get me wrong, many adults suffer e-bawlz syndrome too) have for others, and as well the unsolicited desire to serenade us may possibly diminish if their identity wasn’t so well hidden.

But then, there will always be that one (or more) idiot(s) I suppose who just loves the rush they get from e-bawlz syndrome, to them it’s intoxicating. Does this mean we can treat it as a drug?  I think it should be considered.

/endrant – as always, thanks for reading…

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    • Oh how I know your pain…
      There’s so many more things influencing kids today, so of course they get more confused than we did just a few years ago (well more than a few for me, you say you act 40, I am 40-ish 😛 ).

      Still, parents are in fact busier, at least BOTH parents are, it’s not like it used to be where there was always a stay at home parent (consider your little one blessed he is able to have this gift). And as I said over on the Replay-Project blog, said parents are more exhausted, and as such tend to take a little more “recuperation” time for the days events, leaving the kids to “fend” for themselves more and more.

      I guess all we can do is try harder as parents, and the kids, well, the kids need to think, if not just a little bit about what repercussions there are to their actions…

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