Wow! You’re not dead?

Posted: July 20, 2010 by NebsiNsaNe in PC, PS3, Xbox 360
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So, starting a play through of this game with one of each of the characters available may not have been a smart idea, at least not at first. I’ve traversed all over the Arid Badlands outside of Fyrestone, killing skaggs, rakks, and bandits alike, and am nearing completion of the area with all four toons, but how much more of Pandora can I cover in a timely manner if I run each character simultaneously? I may have to pick one and stick to it until the end, then come back, but who to choose?

So far, my jaunts through the Arid Badlands have been.. educational, and I’ll share all of what I know and what I’ve learned with you in due course, but for now, lets discuss what this game is really about!

Guns! Guns! Guns!

They’re everywhere, lying around just waiting for you to pick them up.  There are literally millions of these guns in game (I believe the count is currently up to 17 million, give or take) and every one of them is different. So how can you tell you’ve picked up a keeper or vending trash? Well lets start at ground level. Obviously you will prefer a basic weapon type or two, dependent upon your style of play and what character you chose to play as. Most of these are your standard FPS fare:

  • Pistols
  • Sub Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Combat Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Eridian Weapons (alien technology)

Some of these break down further in type as well. For instance, there are three types of Pistols; Repeater Pistols are semi-automatic handguns with a slow fire-rate and quick reload speed,  Machine Pistols are your handguns which shoot bursts of bullets for a higher fire rate than Repeaters, and Revolvers have high accuracy and damage ratings for a handgun, but a really slow rate of fire and reload speed. Then there are the Combat Shotguns, which are single shots with slow rate of fire but high damage, the Assault Shotguns which fire at higher rates but typically deal less damage, and the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles which are less powerful than regular Sniper Rifles, but offer a much higher firing rate and magazine count.  So if you count hand grenades, there are 12 types of BOOM!

Every gun has different qualities that will distinguish itself from the rest. These qualities include damage (and type), accuracy ratings, a rate of fire, magazine capacity, its monetary value, minimum level requirement, and its rarity.

A Green Maliwan weapon with added incendiary damage

Then there’s the weapons manufacturer which can have an effect on your weapons look and feel. For instance, Jakobs weaponry tend to be beefier guns made with wood that have an “old west” feel to them. They tend to shoot slow but have better damage values and their price tags are pretty high, assumingly because there are no trees on Pandora! Every weapon in Borderlands is made up of different parts that are mixed and matched to create your random weapon. There are up to 7 components to a weapon: stock, body, barrel, magazine, scope, materials, and accessories. Every part has a hand in creating the weapon’s unique fire power and abilities. For example, a weapon with a longer barrel than normal will actually have a high amount of accuracy, or a weapon with a high magazine capacity will have an extra long magazine or a drum attached to the body. Each manufacturer draws from their own parts pool when creating weapons, giving them certain attributes their competitors don’t have. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Tediore weapons tend to have a rapid reload bonus and are common around Pandora. They are usually the cheapest and most accessible weapon in the game.
  • Vladof weapons are known for their high fire rates and can be easily distinguished by their orange/brown finish and gray or white accents. Due to the high rate of fire, Vladof weapons tend to have lower accuracy than similar weapons of their level.
  • Dahl is a name you will see and hear a lot as they are primarily the largest weapons manufacturer on Pandora. Dahls tend to have good amounts of accuracy and recoil reduction and can be easily recognized from its camouflage print.
  • S&S Munitions have extended magazines for increased munitions storage, but suffer in reload times. They can be distinguished from the competition by their black and yellow finish.
  • Maliwan weaponry may be the most ordinary base guns around, but where they shine is their use of elemental technology. If you see a light blue weapon, chances are its a Maliwan with incendiary, shock, corrosive, or explosive damage.
  • Torgue weapons can be identified by their heavy construction appearance and their black, gray or gunmetal paint schemes. There seems to be nothing special about these guns other than they seem to be well rounded. Various guns will have traits of other manufacturers, but it varies from weapon to weapon.
  • Jakobs, as I’ve described before, appear to do high amounts of damage, but suffer in fire rates. You will also be hard pressed to find a Jakobs with elemental damage, since the weapon is made of mostly wood.
  • Hyperion is a rare find, but if you spot a red or dark pink gun, pick it up! These tend to have the best accuracy on Pandora and have no noticeable drawbacks.
  • Atlus weaponry is rare indeed and can be identified by their signature pearl handles. These guns have a high rate of fire and high damage count with no noticeable drawbacks.

There are also Eridian weapons found throughout Pandora, but those are alien technology I have not come into contact with, so know very little about, other than they were created by the Eridians, the race of beings responsible for creating the Vault.

By now you might have also noticed that some of these weapons are color coded. The color indicates the weapon’s drop rate, or rarity. The rarer your weapon, the better the chance of having bonus abilities, like increased fire rate, or health, shield, and ammo regeneration. And of course, if you decide to sell your guns, the rarer it is, the bigger the payout. Right now, with all three DLC add-ons, the order of rarity goes like this:

White> Green > Blue > Purple > Light Orange > Orange > Dark Orange > Pearlescent

With white being very common and mostly vending fodder, and Pearlescent found only in the Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Obviously, obtaining these rare weapons is also dependent on level; at level 20 I’m still only able to find Purple rares.

Tune in next time as I leave Fyrestone behind me and explore the world of New Haven!

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